• The Walker Team

Whitney Walker files candidacy to represent the people of district 3 as County Supervisor....

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Access, Opportunity, & Equity for All Communities...

Almost a decade ago, on August 9th, I came to Arizona with $687 and a dream. A dream filled with promise of prosperity made possible by opportunity. This dream, that I vividly saw every time I closed my eyes, was walking across the stage as the first in my family to receive a law degree. I realized on this day, so many years ago that I too, can be the American dream.

Opportunity, or the American dream some may call, was easier for me to grab and hold boldly. I was able to do so, not because of my own will or perseverance, but due to the result of generations of advocates who were committed to equity, equality, and access for all people. They had the courage to risk it all. Their truth became the foundations that I stand on today . And, because of them I was able to see a dream fulfilled and a promise kept.

The same band of opportunity that I was able to grab has become almost impossible to reach. Or for most, the very thought of such prosperity is something not dreamt because your zip code is the determining factor in life expectancy and its quality. Over the years, I have witnessed barrier after barrier being put in place that has discouraged people from pursuing their American dream. Barriers to good health and wellness, barriers to fresh food and clean air, barriers to a good education, barriers to home ownership and financial security, barriers to supportive resources and services that end cycles of poverty.

I asked myself,how will you ensure that the foundations of equity, equality, and opportunity laid before you remain strong, vigilant, but most importantly, visible to those who may want to define the American dream for themselves? And today, I realized that the necessity to make our community, our county, our state a place of possible dreams and promises fulfilled is much greater than fear. And it is today I announce my candidacy for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for District 3 to uphold the mission of providing necessary public services so that every person and every family can enjoy living in a healthy and safe community.

I am running to ensure that everyone prospers regardless of their race, color, ability, legal status, who they love or gender expression. I am running to ensure that everyone can become that promised fulfilled regardless of their zip code. It is my duty to ensure that everyone has a dream fulfilled and a promise kept, so will you support and join me?